Character Design Sheets

fey finished design sheet!!!!!!!!!! merged

faun king finished design FINISHED!!!merged

centaur deisgn sheet merged

I used The Dragon Age concept art book to inspire these three pieces, which are the three final design sheets for each character. I am really happy with each of these pieces and I am also happy with how much my digital work has improved. I wanted each of these sheets to show the important elements of each character, along with the images I provided a short description of their character and their roles in the story.

Improvement will only come from more experience using digital processes, which from now on I will incorporate within my future projects.

Character Design Sheets

Sketchy beginnings

I have begun to draw out ideas for my main character, her cute little sidekick, and her home. My next step is to look closer at the female figure, I have taken a few photos of my friend to model from for my drawings of my lead character, to get a more realistic build and better movement.
I particularly like the more detailed close up sketch of my character with pink hair, The layers and the time spent on it just gives it better form. However they are all still quick sketches and not the final idea.








Sketchy beginnings

Feeling fairyish- artist inspiration

Looking for character designers I came across this tumblr a 16 year old aspiring illustrator, who’s work is beautiful and unique. I am in awe of her as an artist of only 16, who has found her own style and has perfected it to create beautiful romantic images, Quirky characters and delicatly, detailed designs. One of my favourite images is that of a young girl (eilonwy) holding a golden orb and a bow and arrow. I just think the composition is great and the flawless application of the gouache creates a really simple but colourful outcome, with great use of line. I am extremely envious of this artist and her work and I aspire to become an artist with as much passion and style.






Feeling fairyish- artist inspiration

The art of Juno Mendiola

Gathering some artist research to inspire me for my project I came across Juno Mendiola, a concept artist and illustrator for games design. I particularly love her sketches with coloured pencils, they have a lot of movement and all her drawings, digital or otherwise create a lot of personality for her characters. I would love to see some of her work annotated by herself to understand her processes and how she gets her ideas on to the paper. Her work has inspired me to experiment with more sketching and sketching with coloured pencils.






The art of Juno Mendiola

Final Piece- Culture, Taste and Class

For my final piece I combined all the elements I had been exploring and had been inspired by the artists I have looked at. I used watercolour to help give the images a softer feel and the ornate gold frames to enhance the ideas of class and taste, as they have connotations of wealth. I decided to explore how one expensive product or item can have connotations of taste. I am happy with the final piece once it is up on display and viewed as a whole, however individually the pieces are lacking delicacy and are quite rough outcomes. I would’ve loved to explore and create real frames a stead of drawing them, Bur for now they still do the same job in exploring the subject of the brief.

2015/01/img_3943.jpg 2015/01/img_3945.jpg 2015/01/img_3953.png 2015/01/img_3955.png2015/01/img_3951.png 2015/01/img_3957.png

Final Piece- Culture, Taste and Class

Artist Research- Meo Illustrations

I began to research some illustrators and came across Meo a fashion illustrator and blogger. Her work is very soft and detailed and her watercolour technique is smoky and almost mystical. She would be an extremely valuable artist to influence me if I choose to study people as my main topic as they are the main subject of her work. Her work also explores the feminine subject and each piece has an etherial and delicate prettiness to it.

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Artist Research- Meo Illustrations