Final Pieces- Self directed Project

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For my Four final pieces I put together character and landscape design boards with a lot of the drawings I had produced. I put them together to hopefully show progression and each had the same layout, the images getting more developed as you move up the board eventually reaching the final main design.I wanted to show my progression through the project and hopefully the viewer could see how each image developed into the next and how I improved throughout.

I would’ve had the boards look a little more professional or maybe have a small book printed with my designs notes in there, a lot like a concept art book, however this would have cost a lot more. I think the same idea is put across with the way I have presented it, however maybe the addition of more notes would’ve made the idea more readable.

Final Pieces- Self directed Project

Landscape designs

forest river 3 muntain 2 swamp river colour 2 rock opening 2 night scenemountain scene

Along with designing my characters I also started drawing out ideas for the world they live in. These are some of the designs I came up with I am particularly happy with the first and the last images as these took the most time and were some of the first I did. I know that they should be more detailed, however even doing this much detail took me a long while. Eventually I want to create more depth and use of tone to give the images a more realistic style, however for this story I think they fit in with character designs well and all have the same sort of style to them.

Landscape designs

Sketchy beginnings

I have begun to draw out ideas for my main character, her cute little sidekick, and her home. My next step is to look closer at the female figure, I have taken a few photos of my friend to model from for my drawings of my lead character, to get a more realistic build and better movement.
I particularly like the more detailed close up sketch of my character with pink hair, The layers and the time spent on it just gives it better form. However they are all still quick sketches and not the final idea.








Sketchy beginnings

Class and style in film

I happened to watch two movies whilst answering this brief, which both explored ideas of class and culture. The Great Gatsby is a classic story of wealth and glamour, change, appearance and acceptance. Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of the story is cinematically beautiful, with a lot of diamonds and colour. The characters in the story are clear embodiments of styles and class an the film explores the world of the flapper culture in the 1920’s



I also studied the lifestyle of the characters in Les Miserables, particularly those in poverty, their clothing and appearance.

Class and style in film

Life drawing







Over the space of a few life drawing sessions I have felt myself finally picking back up some of the techniques I learned in a lot of my life drawing session from last year. personally I would prefer to have a range I media to choose from and some longer studies, however the sessions we’ve had have been few and quite short.

Out of the studies here, i particularly like the 3rd and the last two as they show a lot more energy, I think throughout the process I have begin to grasp the models form and have developed my focus on scale and proportion.

Life drawing

Quote Ideas

Quote Ideas

‘Let me not die ingloriously and without struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter’. – Homer- The Iliad

We have been looking at quotes from literature to incorporate within our images, my personal favourite is this quote that I chose from Homer epic poem ‘Iliad’ based on the battle of troy. I chose this quote to accompany my course mates (Megan Westwood) photo of a homeless man. I thought it was great to give the character some grandeur and tell his story as if he were on some epic journey.