Project Ideas/proposal

For my final year I would like to tackle some of the problems and fall-backs I came across in the Final project of last year. I would like to continue my work with digital practices and produce more professional and more technically skilled work. I would also focus more on time management and balance the hours I have rationally between the theory and practical elements of my project.

I have decided to continue my digital paintings and look at concept art in more detail, however I would like to keep some more classic approaches to illustration such as storyboarding, comic strips and other general storytelling techniques.

I would like to create a new story with new characters for this year and have had a few ideas regarding the story outline. I believe one of the biggest challenges I will face is to create an original and unique story and style, however I welcome the challenge as I have a long period of time to work on this project. We have worked out that per day we should produce 12 hours of work (including theory). I have to be more focused on my time management than ever.

 I think I am going to struggle with the beginnings of my project as its hard to know where to start with such a big idea. However I know that the first things I need to do is collect research and primary images. I have quite a few artists and influences at hand to help inspire my ideas, however at the same time I need to retain my own style and not fall into the clichéd constraints of digital work.

I have had a number of ideas, however the one which I am happy with and which has a unique twist to it is a story based around Huddersfield. I would alter the town in different ways such as, post-apocalyptic Huddersfield, alternate reality Huddersfield or futuristic Huddersfield. This way I have a lot of primary research and content just outside my door to work from. I am also going to continue with my character design and development.

I am heavily relying on my new Cintiq tablet arriving soon until I can start my digital work, I own a tablet already but its not a display screen tablet so this should help profoundly throughout the year. For now I am going to collect images and focus on pencil work and sketches to work from as I progress throughout the project. I am going to work from life and sign myself up for the life drawing classes. I will constantly be watching tutorials and videos to help improve my digital painting skills, I believe with constant practice and improvement I can reach the level of quality I am looking for.

This year I am working towards creating my own artistic identity and style. I would like to set up a technically skilled and aesthetically pleasing portfolio which I can be proud of and which can ultimately guide me into my future career.

Project Ideas/proposal

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