Reflective Analysis

Self Directed Project and External Project Evaluation

The first half of the Self directed project wasn’t going very well so I spent the easter holidays catching up and getting my head down, focusing on improving my digital skills and working on some more character sketches. By the end of the project I had a wide range of drawings and character designs but mostly some really strong images for my landscape concept board. With regards to the external project I continued to do commissions and over easter got two more done, but only gaining a small amount of money for them. The work on my application for the EPY placement year had picked up as well after I had started to get some stock printed and seeing some of our designs as actual products.

Over the easter break I had also collected more artist research, this time focusing more on digital artists such as Samantha dodge who’s work really inspired me. These different artists encouraged me to invest in some new materials and I spent a fortune on some illustration copic caio markers. I managed to work with more depth and with more confidence using these markers and created more professional looking sketches. I believe if you compare the work from before and after the easter holiday you will notice a marked improvement. I decided to manage my time a lot better over the holiday, however if I had managed my time better beforehand my final outcome might have been a lot more accomplished especially with regards to my digital work. I am happy with how much I have improved on my digital work considering before this project I had never used my tablet or photoshop. I realise there is also a long way to go with regards to my technique and the professional quality of my digital drawings, however this project has encouraged me to look in a more digital direction and even now its over continue to sketch and paint digitally in my free time, I also enhance and edit my sketches in photoshop which I have never used before. For the final piece I had four A1 boards, 3 for characters and the final one for landscape designs. On each one I had a collection of images I had drawn at different stages of the project. What I wanted to achieve with this collection of drawings is show the progression from beginning to end of the project, from the first sketches to the final design. To show progression and development better I would of liked to have the images down chronologically in a book, like a concept design book. At the beginning of the project this is what I wanted to do, create a book and have it printed, containing images, but also notations and short synopsis of scenes. I was happy with the outcome as whole even if I wasn’t happy with some of the drawings individually. The images I am not happy with tend to be the ones earlier on in the project, which consist mostly of the designs for the main character as she was the one I started designing first. These images are the least accomplished as a lot of them were done before I started working digitally, had less artist research and less practice at character design. I believe if I was to recreate this project in a years time I would be a lot happier with the outcome and a lot more efficient with the process. Because I have never drawn digitally before a lot of time was taken up learning and practising and producing inadequate drawings. Although I am not at a professional level yet digitally, I am still happy with how far I have come and how much I have learnt from this project and artist research.

Since the easter holidays Myself and Luke have worked a lot harder on our work for the enterprise placement year and the start of our small business idea. We have spent a bit of money buying some plain tote bags and white t-shirts to print on. We decided for the time being to print transfers just to see how the product would look. I was a good feeling to see the designs on the products, however the quality of this type of print isn’t up to the standard we want and next year if we get the placement we would screen print our designs instead for a more professional look. One person asked us to design a little t-shirt for them with a certain type of design but we sold it very cheap because we only transferred it on. We are still working well together, however I think we question ourselves to much which delays some of our processes. One of the things we have questioned a lot is the name which we are still not 100% on but we decided it wasn’t the most important thing to work on. For the application we had to put together a small amount of designs and ideas to give the enterprise team a general idea of what we wanted to accomplish, and we have now received our interview date and time. For the external project I have also continued taking on commissions and finished a painting I was doing for someone before the holidays. Thinking career wise I definitely need to secure a proper online portfolio which isn’t my blog, and expand my online presence, this way I will get more commissions and more feedback for my work and begin to work more professionally.

Overall I think the most successful part of the final term and the project which I prioritised most was the Self directed project. I was happy to have the freedom to do what I wanted and produce work for myself. I also found determination in working digitally which has encouraged me to explore digital art and experiment with different media, I think will also enhance my career as an artist and open things up for me in the future. Hopefully we have done enough to secure our place on the enterprise year, if not we will both continue our work on ‘Kuke’ throughout the final year of university.

Reflective Analysis

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