External project

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Myself and a fellow student are considering applying for the Enterprise Placement year at the University for next year. This came about when we both realised we wanted to sell our work online and not just in the form of prints. What we decided to do was work together to create work which we could print and sell on clothes and other things such as notebooks, bags ect. I found it easier ad more  supportive working as a team, especially someone who I am close to. We are honest and supportive with each other and both have qualities which benefits the other. We take on slightly different roles within the team, as i am terrible at digital processes he takes the responsbility of enhancing and editing the images once we have drawn them out.We spent a long time deciding on a name which we still are not 100% happy with. We decided just to move past that and focus on setting up an online presence, facebook, tumblr ect. I found it enjoyable working on drawings and designs which were not to commission but what we thought people might like. These are a few processes and design we worked on. Our interview for placement year is this week.

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As well as producing prints and t-shirts as a collaboration and selling them I was also doing commissions for my external project, most from people who spotted my work online, I made a small amount of money from that, however some of the work took me hours on end and I need to find out the prices which I should be selling at.

External project

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