Digital Work

raganr-Recovered faunkingsketch  centaur sketch colour 2 centaur sketch painted jpeg centaur sketch  sad feyfey sketch

I have been working a lot more digitally, before this project I had never done it before so require a lot of practice to even get the simple things understood. I am happy with the level I am at considering, however when I do my artist research I realise how far behind I am. I am also struggling with expression and movement in my character designs. They seem flat and showing no character. I am getting more confident with colour and creating form with this technique however I understand there is still along way to go.

I am particularly happy with the top two images, I designed this image based on a character I had seen in an episode of Vikings. The first image was based on him (Ragnar Lothbrook) and then I evolved the image to represent my character. I think it’s my most detailed digital piece so far and most successful.

Digital Work

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