Self Directed Project Idea

I have decided to use elements from a collection of short stories and writings that I have created over the years and pull them all together to create an idea for an up coming animation/movie/story. What I would really like to do is create characters and concept art for the piece and create a world and story inspired by my favourite things and my favourite artists, but mainly from poems, stories and notes that I have created myself.

I tend to enjoy more fantasy based literature and adventurous plot lines, so this will most likely be the genre of the outcome. I plan to take influences from some of my favourite films, concept art and artists to help enhance and inspire my work. The ideal outcome would be a concept art book and a fully designed story, with characters and scenery, some story boards and annotations. With the time limit I have been given and the work I have to do for the external project,I may not have time to produce the outcome which I want, however I will just continue to draw and experiment,  put my idea and story together as I go to see how far the project goes.

Self Directed Project Idea

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