Creative Writing- The Stewardess and the Passenger-


Bautista.C -Love at first sight, and a coke with ice, please. (2013)

As she seated everyone into their allocated places, she hoped it would be a safe journey home. The stewardess had spent the last two days dreaming about nothing except the warming embrace of a cup of tea and the small, messy confines of her bedroom. She missed the smell, she missed the silence and she longed for nothing more than to unstick the smile that had attached itself to her cheeks for the last 48 hours. It was one of later flights of the day and all that was required of her were a few hours of serving food, then after that, they will go to sleep. And she will wait, wishing the minutes away.

Freedom called to her as she inched up the aisle, spreading with her the sickly stench of aeroplane dinner, and the promise of bad coffee. “Chicken or pasta?” She asked as she leant around the next chair seat. Her eyes connected with the passenger in H19 and just like that she lost her heart somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

His blue eyes had cut right through her and she couldn’t help gasping from the sheer force of his gaze. It took a couple of seconds for her to pull it together, but she already knew it was too late. “Pasta please” he said, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips, as he obviously noticed the deep shade of red that was clouding over her face. She quickly gave the passenger -and his potential girlfriend- their food, with nothing more than a glance their way. She composed her face into a more acceptable colour and stumbled onwards, the back of her ears glowing red with the ghost of her embarrassment.

For the following eight hours the hostess spent her time pondering the idea of her messy, warm room and two cups of tea. One for her and another for the passenger with the perfect smile sitting in seat H19

Creative Writing- The Stewardess and the Passenger-

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