Artist Statement

Artist statement- Katherine Taylor-Scott I have always been an artist that incorporates different narratives in their work and I believe my love for reading, writing and storytelling is what directed me to a career in illustration. I began higher education studying English literature and exploring creative writing, however after only a few terms I realised it wasn’t the right path for me. Reading stories wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to create them instead. There are many genres of storytelling and art that inspire me, however I have always been inspired by whimsical, fairy tale like work. Artists such as Chiara Bautista (aka milk) and Rob Ryan have inspired a lot of my work and interests as they explore deep emotional narratives, with human elements, romantic themes and connect to the everyday thoughts of the everyday person. A lot of my work leans towards linear, detailed and colour washed pieces. You might also find my work incorporates text, or is inspired by a text or quote. This idea has sprung from my love of poetry and classic book illustration. As a child I had piles upon piles of children’s books, which for the most part were illustrated, from Roald Dahl to A.A. Milne. I thank my parents for giving me this inspiration as a child. During my first year of studying Illustration I took inspiration from works such as Emily Dickinson’s ‘Hope’ and the liminal qualities of the film ‘spirited away’(2001). Although both completely different areas of the creative world they both hold similar themes, they explore ideas of melancholy, human behaviour and emotions, thoughtful imagery and an overall heart-warming and thought provoking narrative. This sort of art is the true inspiration for my own work. They explore the beautiful and the potentially unattainable things in life but also connect with the audience on their level and engage their emotions with force. I enjoy work which has multiple interpretations, but I particularly love a clear and strong narrative, which I believe springs from my love of literature. The work I have created over the course of my first two years of university has explored many areas of illustration, and I believe I am still in the throws of finding a style for my work and myself. Over the next few years I would like to develop a portfolio of work that expresses who I am as a person. I am currently playing with the idea of taking an enterprise, entrepreneur year with my university. During this year a fellow student and myself will be creating our own company and selling our art via a clothing brand and clothing designs. This following year should be a very exciting and experiential time in my education. I believe this opportunity will allow me to gain a clear understanding of the business world and help me get a foothold on my future aspirations. Looking at the years ahead of me, and where I would like to be in 5 years time, my aim is to become an authorial illustrator/artist, have a successful website selling my prints and products and showing my work in galleries. I will continue to explore the things and themes in my own life which I appreciate and which I admire as I believe this is the only way to create passion and love in my own work.

Artist Statement

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