Chiara Baustista- Unattainable things


Looking at this image created by Chiara Bautista I can see a scene containing characters and a narrative. It seems to be created by ink and watercolour, maybe elements of digital art, and has a dark shadowy colour scheme. The image shows a naked woman sat on the boot of a car at night looking up to the sky, behind her standing on the roof of the car is a wolf. His fur sparkles and his eyes glow white, he seems to be trying to gain the attention of the young woman. These two characters and other elements in the image such as the rabbit and the skull are a reoccurring motif in a lot of the artists work. She also uses a lot of text and story telling in her art, In this piece she uses text to give the characters voices, the wolf asking the girl a question and her and the rabbit/skull replying.

Its a very romantic and fantasy styled piece of work. The artist creates a relationship between the characters, the wolf and the young girl being in love and a sense of distance between them. There is a dreamy feel about the image, also a sense of sadness, it has a very cute narrative and emotes a lot of feelings which are relatable. Despite it being a fantasy piece with fantasy characters, it has a very human element to it and has themes of distance, loss and longing.

What the artist is illustrating between the two characters seems to be a separation between the two. The wolf who seems to be made out of stars asks why she is looking at the night sky when he is right there. The girl replies with the answer that brings the piece together and creates a mournful longing for something more. She tells him that the stars in the sky seem closer than him. I believe this illustrates the state of their relationship, ideas that they have distanced from each other or that there is something that can never be between them. The title of the piece ‘unattainable things’ suggests the latter, that the two lovers will never work. The most striking elements of the piece and of most of her work is the wolf placed almost central in the image. He holds the image together with his dark shadowy figure and his fur made from constellations. I don’t believe its just this which makes him stand out in the image but I believe he holds a lot of the emotions within the piece. The idea that a wolf can emote such feelings and come across with a human personality is a key feature, his obvious love for the girl and the craving for her attention makes him a lovable and memorable character. Placing these characters on a car also helps the image convey human feelings and relate to the audience. The style of the illustration is almost comic styled, its very sketchy and linear, and also has a very contemporary feel to it with the use of colour washes. The colours and shading soften the piece to help enhance the dreamy feel of the image. The artists’ work has been compared in Beautiful.Bizarre magazine (Jennifer Gori 2014) to pop surrealism and graphic novels. In this article/interview we discover that her work is a visual diary of aspects of her own love life, which emphasizes the human emotions she conveys in each piece. Bautista says “…everything can be beautiful if presented the right way. It’s all about perspective. You know what they say… for every downside, there’s an upside”. I believe this lovable and yet melancholy theme that runs through her work is very unique and very heart warming and I believe this is the key to the artists illustrations.

Chiara Baustista- Unattainable things

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