Koosje Koene Illustrations- Artist Research

Looking for artists studying from real life I came across this work, which is very quaint and small and full of narrative. She captures day to day things and records them in small sketchbooks. They could be the smallest things such as a handful of peanuts or a pair of running trainers but the images act as a visual diary of her day. I really enjoy looking at her work, she also uses quotes/writing in her work which I seem to find a way of doing in a lot of my own work. although they are small line drawings the washes of colour she uses really creates detail and expression. She captures so much in something so small.

I have chosen to begin some drawings using line and watercolour to see if this catches the environment of the train station or library any better.

20140910_journal 20140916_moskee

Koosje Koene Illustrations- Artist Research

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