Evaluation- Drawing Project- Buildings of Huddersfield.

I began the term with low hopes for this project, I don’t really like drawing buildings and I thought it would be difficult to create a narrative piece with this brief. After the summer holidays, I felt like I had lost a lot of the techniques I had improved upon last year, particularly life drawing and life studies. I immediately realised this was a problem for this project so I spent the first couple of weeks and more just drawing the buildings over and over again.

I found the project very repetitive and I found it hard to push through the observational study stage as I didn’t know where I could take it. I understood that it was a progressive project without needing a final piece, however i find this type of aim extremely hard. I found a very loose brief hard to structure around, maybe because I couldn’t have a final piece or and idea of a final piece in my head to work towards. I also struggled with time management and found it hard to steer my project in the right direction in a short space because I had spent too much time redrawing things I didn’t really want to draw. I feel my project picked up when I started studying the surroundings of the library and included the atmosphere and characters found there. I think this was fuelled by my artist research, I believe the inspiration gained from this research improved my motivation and influenced the outcome of my project, particularly the works of Will Ashford.

Throughout this project I really wanted to use the printing room, but haven’t had an induction to it. I wish I had been more autonomous during this project and explored different techniques such as lino/mono printing as this technique worked really well with projects in college based on architecture. I feel like with more time the ideas that I produced towards the end of the project would’ve been of better quality, bigger maybe and more detailed. When the project came to a close I felt the pace had quickened too fast towards the end and most of the more successful work was packed into the final stages of the project.

Overall I think the project wasn’t my most successful, however it has readied me for the next project and probably a better one to start the year as it has helped my observational skills a lot and reminded me how to progress through a project and keeping experimenting and researching to produce a successful outcome.

Evaluation- Drawing Project- Buildings of Huddersfield.

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