I have continued to look at the original painting with new eyes. I always thought the painting was beautiful and elegant and emotionally powerful, but even the characters within the story are depicted with such beauty. they have perfect bodies and even icarus is unscathed.


I had an idea about how to show the image in a darker light. perhaps in the original image the nymphs are lamenting icarus’ youth and beauty and are captivated by his physique and his perfect face. Many people have viewed the painting in this way, which detracts from the sorrowful element of it. Because today’s views on beauty haven’t changed much. I had the idea of redrawing the characters a lot larger, thus going against what today’s society classes as beautiful. I am not find of the piece, as it’s quite cold and was only a quick idea, however I was playing at a last experiment. I chose to have the nymphs acting ignorant to icarus In this form to give them a sense of superficiality.




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