George Frederic watts- Hope 1886

I researched how other artists had depicted the idea of hope and i came across this symbolic painting.

Its an image of a broken woman, blindfolded and holding a lyre. On that lyre remains a single string, and although she is run down and fragile the woman sits and listens to the last faint music she can make. Many questioned the painting had an essence of hope, and suggested it had more connotations of despair. In my opinion I think its the perfect depiction of the persistence of hope, which fits well with the theme of the Emily Dickinson poem I am trying to respond to.Image

I decided to remake the image, and replace the woman with the bird from the poem, however I found this hard to do with little to draw from and it just didn’t have much emotion as I couldn’t get the form right. 



George Frederic watts- Hope 1886

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