Final piece- Reading and interpreting




I am really happy with the final outcome, they took up a lot of time because they are so intricate and detailed, however I think I created a contrast between the classic poem and the contemporary style,but also without losing the emotion of the text. Particularly with the third image. The idea behind this piece came from a brain storm about the poem and about hope. I understood that once a person hopes, it doesn’t disappear until it’s broken or it comes true. It can also fester once the seed is planted and it mutates into something else… desperation. I have shown this idea in the mutated image of the bird. The bird in the poem and in the image plays the role of hope. The overall tone of the poem is sad and sorrowful so I decided in my piece that hope wouldn’t prevail. I decided to keep the image black and white, because even though I was experimenting with colours I decided that the poem was too woeful for that and instead I kept adding detail and pattern to the piece to add to the contemporary direction I wanted to take it in. There are still flaws in the piece, I don’t have the steadiest of hands and I am new to working so delicately. however I pleased with the outcome and look forward to working in this style a lot more.

Final piece- Reading and interpreting

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