The Birth of Venus- Sandro Botticelli- 1486

The Birth of Venus- Sandro Botticelli- 1486

It depicts the goddess Venus (Aphrodite) emerging from the sea and into the world as a fully grown woman. I have always loved this painting as its so powerful and graceful. Venus is central to the piece and is painted with a gentle and ethereal quality and seems so pure. Botticelli created her with such detail, her face is so beautiful and her flowing hair seems key to her appearance.

Greek and Roman mythology has always interested me and when given the brief to this project it was one of the first this I wanted to explore. From images and stories the old world survived honour and power among other powerful human attributes such as violence, hatred, courage and love. Their world thrived off belief and myth and the stories hold so much imagination. I will begin to explore how this can be shown through a contemporary style.


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