M.C.Escher- Blowing my mind.



‘Relativity’ -1953

M.C Escher’s work creates a world without rules or limitations, where people walk upside down and break all the boundaries of gravity. However for me the stairs are the key idea in the piece. there is a labyrinth of staircases to get your head around. His work explores the liminal because although it depicts objects and things from our own world, his ideas come from another world altogether. His work is stuck between reality (with its angular precision) and something completely surreal and baffling.



‘Belvedere’- 1958

With this piece in particular the longer you stare, the more you see and the more confused you become. This may be my favourite piece of his, because all seems normal at first until you notice the archways on the second storey. I think his work is perfectly balanced on a threshhold between two worlds, between somewhere where everything is logical and makes sense and another world which completely forgoes logic and rules. I believe the characters in his pieces ground them and hold them in this liminal idea, because without the characters living their lives in his mazes, his work wouldn’t have any sense of realism and wouldn’t have as much meaning.



2013-11-19 21.03.35-1


My poor attempt. My brain couldn’t handle it. The illusion kept on throwing me off.

M.C.Escher- Blowing my mind.

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