Final Piece- Text and Image

The project finally came together, even after some disagreements. Working in a group is hard because there are many conflicting opinions, I felt (and i’m sure everyone felt the same) that my desires for what I wanted the project to be were not fully acknowledged. However this was bound to happen because it is group work, everyone cannot have their own way.

As for the publication, we had some problems with the final printout, which meant the images were thrown off centre. We took a very minimal approach in the end. clean black cover and background. We had tried it with a worn out beige background but it didn’t frame the images as well, so we decided on the black.  We used staples to bind it as is was a miniml approach and we wanted to keep it quite professional looking. I believe given more time the project could have evolved into something with deeper meaning, with a lot more to give. I think creating a stronger narrative with the piece could’ve had a better effect and given the project/images more meaning.  However, at the exhibition many people said our piece was quite professional looking, whether this was compared to other groups whose work was quite inventive and quirky I don’t know.

If I work in a group again at any point, I think I will put my opinions across more strongly, as I feel i am proud of the publication but I don’t believe there was an equal share of ideas.  I don’t often use digital processes to create my work, because I am not comfortable on computers.and it has inspired me to look at this more as its quite a popular resource for contemporary illustrators. I think there was a lot to learn from working on this project, but I am happy with the outcome, I believe we created something that we had designed, easily without any problems (other than our own conflicts) to a desired effect.ImageImage

Final Piece- Text and Image

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