Observational studies- nightlife, work, travel, beauty

I have gathered some more images from a few night’s out in Huddersfield and also some everyday photos I have gathered whilst living away from home. In these studies I have used, Biro, fine liner, watercolour and pastels. I particularly like the images I have gathered from the nights out as i’ts a focus on the darker side of our daily routines, where inhibitions are lost and we finally relax and have a good time. I think there are many stages to the nightlife of the everyday person, be it a few beverages after a long days work or the binge drinking of an everyday student. This becomes an interesting topic and would be an interesting subject to look into. The question being; do we become more human when we think no one is looking? when we loose our inhibitions? Do we show our real side? Is this what identifies us individually or as a group of people?


I was sat in a cafe for a short while,so I did some continuous line studies of people who were around, these were very fast and uncontrolled. I was trying to captured the everyday lives of people in town.  These people seemed to have jobs to get to.



I was stuck on my idea and to get my ideas flowing my tutor recommended drawing whenever the opportunity arises. he sadi why not trying drawing your journey to uni. I drive, so I couldn’t do this safely, I got my friend to take a picture of the motorway. Then I did a drawing of it with biro and watercolour. I’m not keen on this idea of journeys, however I think its a good idea to keep a book in which I draw constantly.


IMAG0699_1[1] IMAG0693_1[1] IMAG0694_1[1]


I also began to look at beauty and why we cover up our natural faces and is the person we dress up to be our real identity beacause that’s how people know us or is our inner self our true identity. I thought this could’ve been a good idea aswel, however i think the doodling idea is more personal to me and i can express myself more.


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