Observational studies

More obsevational studies, gathering images of things that make myself human, and that are part of my own daily routine.

Alot of the quick drawings I have done are created from biro or fineliner, and worked into with watercolour. I think this simple technique is the perfect material to use for this starting project. Its a simple idea just like the eveyday lives of each one of us. I’m sure throughout the day we all must use a biro, be it at work, whilst doodling on the phone or like me doodling all the time.

IMAG0700_2[1] IMAG0689_1[1] IMAG0692_1[1] IMAG0696_1[1]


After think of things that make me human, I realised that although i’m always doing my daily routine, drawing always works its way back into the day. I think alot of people can be doodling all the time, wether in work, on the phone or like me during studies. I found that my notebook was primarily covered in doodles and ive ripped them all out and stuck them in my sketchbook, together they look like the inside of my head. When seeing them all together, I saw a few things which link them all, and obviously influence me alot: Poetry, music, films, animals, faces and nature.


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