Brian Jarrell

“I draw stuff, sometimes I sleep. This is my life”

I am so envious of Brian Jarrell’s observational skills. He really expresses the atmosphere surrounding him and works with so much energy, yet such control. There’s great detail in his work, which allows him to capture his scenes with real truth. He works on such a small scale that there’s a sense of secrecy in what he’s doing, and also a sense of privacy.  He has a great depth to his work yet his marks are very soft and gentle.  I particularly like his work because it’s almost as if your viewing these scenes through a lens which is tinted with his style and his perception of people, and although he may not know these people/places he creates for them a personality. There’s is also a surreal aspect to a lot of his work as he juxtaposes objects and characters. For instance within this image there is a chicken and the skull. However strange these objects seem, somehow he makes them easily co-exist together, giving his work even more life and intrigue.


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